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Sandstone Is A Perfect Companion For Outdoor And Indoor Exteriors

Posted by Admin on March, 01, 2022

Sandstone is used for various indoor and outdoor purposes. Serves various construction applications like driveway, garden decorations, flooring and in various kitchens, hall rooms etc.Not only in India sandstones are very popular outside of India as well. Kandla grey sandstone paving suppliers from Rajasthan supply sandstones all across the country and abroad as well.

It is a rock which at first mind and goes through various processes to get its final look and finish. There are various types of sandstones are available out of which the immensely popular sandstone products in India are mentioned below.

Brown Sandstone Cobble

It is a light brown hard natural stone. These sandstones are strong enough to withstand harsh climate conditions and built to last long. Very suitable for outdoor applications.

White Sandstone Cobble

This sandstone is a blend of white, pink and golden which provides a superb attractive look to pathways and hard standings. You can opt for natural finishing or machine finishing for outdoor applications.

Mix Colour Sandstone Coble

This mix colour sandstone cobble is the perfect companion for your garden or pathway. Sand cobbles offer various colours which are aesthetically pleasing and draw the attraction of everyone and

Benefits of using Sandstone Paving Stone

It is a natural heavy stone with long-lasting durability. In various architectural works, this stone is used for ages. There are a lot of benefits using this sandstone a few are mentioned below.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Sandstones are very friendly in comparison to stones made of concrete. Though sandstone are little bit on the expensive side due to packaging, transporting and shaping of the sandstone. But sandstones emits a very little amount of carbon in comparison to concrete products.


Due to their tough nature sandstones are a perfect choice for decorating indoor and outdoor settings. The unique colour combination makes it look aesthetically pleasing for a very long time. Different designs and colours make it more preferable over the concrete made blocks.

Serves Various Applications

Being a heavy natural stone that is being used for various architectural designs and sculptures in India. In exterior applications like Stair stones, pathways, courtyard, walkway, Pool way etc. Sandstone paving slabs are used. And in the interiors application like flooring, mantels, tables, walling tiles etc. sandstones are used.

Slip Resistant and Naturally Safe

Sandstones pavers are very reliable when it comes to paving for frost resistance. Provides excellent protection against frost damage. Also the sandstones have good water-resisting property and makes surface non slippery. In various places like pool area, stairs near a watery place etc. are suitable places where it can be used.

In India Kandla grey sandstone paving is done in various sectors for long-lasting reliability and durability. Sandstones are a very good alternative to concrete made blocks. Though sandstones are a bit on the expensive side than the concrete materials but offer great value for every buck spent.

This stone offers multiple designs, colours, shape sizes etc. to select. Always consult with an interior or exterior designer to decorate indoors or outdoors as per your desire and requirement.

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